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Our History

Home Appliances & Electronics repair service & parts in York PA since 1927

C.R. Heidlebaugh & Son was founded in 1927 by C.R. "Chet" Heidlebaugh in West York, Pa. Chet started his refrigeration and appliance business with a tool box on the back of his bicycle serving the local community. In the 1930's his business in refrigeration grew and he was one of the first in York County to supply the dairy farmers with refrigeration to keep their milk cold. He was an entrepreneur and would try anything, once building an ice skating area inside the Valencia ballroom for an ice skating show. His son William G. Heidlebaugh known as Bill joined the company after his service in the Korean War.

The company continued to grow through the sixties having ten on the road appliance and refrigeration technicians. The company jumped into the start of the television business and Chet would deliver the televisions to customers on a one week trial basis. Nine times out of ten the customer kept the television. Money was tight in the 1960's for some families so Chet came up with a coin operated refrigerator that Ed Hersh, a long time Heidlebaugh's salesperson, would go to the homes and collect the change. That money would eventually payoff the refrigerator. Due to the untimely death of Chet’s son Paul and wife Edith in a auto accident, Chet and his wife Louise adopted their son Zane as a baby.

Zane Heidlebaugh came to work for the company in the 70's and 80's running the service department alongside Marylyn Krewson, a 40 year friend and employee. In the early 90's Bill retired and Zane was fed up with the cold winters and decided to move to West Palm Beach. The decision was made to have Bill's son William "Bill" J. Heidlebaugh buy the company Bill has been running the company since 1993. In the early 2000's a decision was made to drop commercial refrigeration and focus on appliance sales and service. Now part of a billion dollar buying group Heidlebaugh's can provide competitive prices and still provides outstanding service after the sale.